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The Story of Artemis Entreri

This is the story of Artemis Entreri, master swordsman, and hunter of men. Artemis grew up in small village south of Sentinel, too small to have a name. Family memories were not fond for Artemis as a youth. His parents used him in many schemes to dupe and cheat people out of their money and livelihoods. Artemis viewed the world as a youth as imperfect and flawed. He saw people as mere objects with the only gain from them as money and profit. It wasn't long after Artemis had reached early youth that he ran away from home meeting up with caravan crossing the Alakir Desert. Artemis was determined that Sentinel, city of the South, would have more to offer than his tiny village. On his way crossing the desert Artemis learned otherwise, his merchant caravan were merely gypsies, traveling thieves, and they too expected Artemis to work for his money. Artemis' considerable talents as a thief were evident to the "merchants" this one they needed to keep.

With the city of Sentinel in view, the gypsies gagged and bound young Artemis determined to keep him with them once they taken Sentinel for what it was worth. The first night the gypsies had camped in Sentinel though, the last surprise of their lives was realized. Artemis had stashed a small knife in his boot for just the occasion, freeing himself from his bonds in the wee hours of the night. Before Artemis vanished into the city there would be no pursuit tonight, he promptly slit all of the gypsies throats. This was the beginning of on of the most fabled careers of death ever to grace the streets of Sentinel.

Over the years Artemis Entreri became the finest swordsman ever to grace the surface of Tamriel, nothing else mattered, perfection became the glory that Artemis thought. The only comfort in his life was the fact that he was the pinnacle of creation when it came to the blade. His blades also kept he well fed, fetching lucrative prices for "jobs" which were always less than savory. And this lifestyle continued until a day came when Artemis had met his match.

It was a Dark elf swordsman who with the forces of good and just causes that fought Entreri to a standstill, fighting on many occasions. Entreri being bested on three separate times, never losing his life, but always searching for a way to best the Dark elf. It came to pass in Entreri's mind that perhaps it was not skill alone that aided the Dark elf. Entreri's life had been exposed for what it was, his existence was as hollow as the steel he wielded and the lives that he ended. He had a become the epitome of perfection but for what?

It was at this time that strange messenger had arrived simply leaving a note for Artemis.

The note instructed him to meet a man in some nearby woods, for a special assignment, vowing to make this his last he sought his employer. However upon arriving he was confronted by not one man but by ten, ten of the most accomplished swordsman in the realm all of whom he had bested, except for one, the Dark elf was there. They had sought out Entreri to offer him a choice change or die. Artemis had already opted to resign from his death dealing days, the Dark elf offered him a chance at redemption, and a chance to enter a group dedicated to the reformation of Tamriel and the goodly ways of the world, the elf introduced Artemis to the Eldarin Corin. Artemis came to realize that his life had come full circle and now it was his time to repay his debt to the world.