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LowRider was born into a poor dark elf family. Her mother was a common slave and her father an unrecognized mage. His skill was great and he tried his best to pass as much on to his daughter. As a child she was an outcast, always reading books of spells, combat, and manipulation. Her favorite hobby was taking long walks in the forest and watching the animals.

Eventually she came to be loved by all animals, and also protected by them. At the age of fourteen she left her home in the middle of the night, leaving behind only a note telling of her wishes to roam the country, not to be tied down in such a poor village.

She came under the care of a trained warrior and learned much, but eventually she had to leave, not being able to stand staying in one place too long. One day while roaming in the forest she heard the sound of beautiful music coming from a nearby tavern. Being as poor as she was she refrained from entering the tavern and instead look through a window. Inside she saw a young man playing the guitar for all the patrons. Everyone was laughing and singing and enjoying themselves. She used all her willpower to enter the tavern and approached the young man.

One spell she used frequently was one her father discovered, Inner Light. When this spell was cast, she could see into the heart of any living thing. She cast it upon the young man and discovered his name was Mykhail. She also discovered his heart was beautiful, although she sensed a troubled past. She and Mykhail started talking and found themselves total engulfed in each others company, not even noticing a brawl going on in the very same tavern. This was not because of love, but because of a bond made in another world in another time that was to bring these two together. She learned of his evil uncles and of the fate of his father and felt both sorrow for his past grievances, and joy for his future. She left but both knew they'd meet again.

On another such outing she came across a man standing proudly over a fallen beast. He held his weapon up in triumph and cried a victory yell. She called to him and he reluctantly approached. They talked for hours and became fast friends. He gave her advise on certain personal matters and became sort of a father-figure to her and she admired him greatly. He told her of a place where she could find shelter and family and he called it the Eldarin Corin. She agreed to go and after the initiation ceremony she looked about the room at her new friends and there he was across the room. Myke stood among a group of females all of whom were laughing. Beren was at the other end doing the same. When Myke finally recognized her he came running and gave her a friendly hug and introduced her to Wrarrl, Aquaricat and many others. Her life was complete and the need to wander had left her heart.