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"The Enchantress"

Sasha's father Paluzon was a great healer for a small village in the deep shores of Summurset and was respected highly by all. He met a beautiful High Elf maiden named Myrandula while healing her father of a disease. Myrandula was very grateful to Paluzon for curing her father and she gave him a kiss on his cheek. Paluzon then vowed that he would love her forever and they both had a beautiful wedding a year later in the village square.

When their child Sasha was born the village had a grand feast and gave Sasha many gifts. A few of these were the gift of knowledge, and speed....but the most important were the gifts that her parents gave her...a silver thunderbolt staff was given to her by her mother...and her father gave her the knowledge of healing.. Although Sasha was a baby when her mother died, she still can remember how she would fall slowly like a leaf off a high tree or building just to amuse her daughter..

Later when Sasha was 10, Myradula was afflicted with a rare plague and even though Paluzon effortlessly tried to heal her, he simply didn't have the power or knowledge...With a heavy heart he placed Sasha in the school of restoration..... hoping that she would one day be able to cure this terrible plague in the future....For the few years while Sasha was away at school her knowledge, power, and strength exceeded her fathers.

Paluzon was very proud of his daughter and went on a small trip to see his daughters graduation from school. While on his way to the graduation he was attacked by a clan of vampires. When Sasha heard of her fathers demise she set out to avenge of her fathers death. She left school before her graduation and wandered the lands of Dragontail Mountains to find the clan that killed her father. While on her Journey she needed to rest and found shelter in a village for a night...It was during that night that another Elf was badly hurt and was brought to her for healing..Two male elves accompanied the hurt elf...Sasha tried effortlessly to heal the woman but nothing prevailed and then the woman's body began to glow with a magnificent light....

The two male elves started chanting and she did too....Then Sasha heard a sound and turned to see what it was and there stood a boy....He walked to the body of the woman and knelt..Sasha didn't know what happened but then she saw the boy put a sword on the bodies chest and then he vanished. For many years thought this night was just a dream she had had from exhaustion.

The next day Sasha moved on to find the clan that murdered her father. While in her searching she went on numerous quests for the local Mages Guilds to learn more of the lay of the land and hoping that one of the quests would lead her to the place were the clan she was looking for lived.

This plan worked..for she was sent on a quest to retrieve a potion that was stolen from the Mages Guild and that quest sent her straight to the dungeon were the clan lived. Unknowingly to Sasha this quest was a hoax that the vampire clan had placed on Sasha. The clan had been watching her for the 3 years after her father died and noticed that she was powerful and had a lot of knowledge. They wanted to get Sasha and make her one of their own. Without the knowledge of Sasha she went into the dungeon to search for the potion and couldn't find it. While she was resting though she was attacked by the clan, She tried in vain to fight them but there were too many. One of the vampires got Sasha in his grasp and bit her. She fainted .

A few days later she woke up, and tried to get to her feet but she felt weak then fell back asleep...While she was asleep she had a dream of a women with red tears in her eyes..startled, Sasha woke up and ran out of the room she was in..And was attacked a second time by countless vampires...Sasha lost consciousness again and woke up 3 months later in a dungeon she had never seen before..Confused and exhausted...and extremely thirsty she ventured around the dungeon.

She found herself hungering for blood and killed indiscriminately for it..when she left the dungeon it was daytime and she started to make her way to a nearby village... still not knowing that she had been cursed with vampirism. She got on her horse and started to leave. She felt very ill and fell from her horse. Weakly and lifelessly she crawled back to the dungeon and slept. When she awoke she realized she had been turned into a bloodthirsty vampire.

Sasha tried to cure herself but had no luck, so she just decided to live with her illness and go on with her life. The effects of her vampirism made her forget about the vengeance for her father. Sasha had to always wear a helm over her face now..for she had been turned into a beastly looking creature..she was no longer a beautiful silver haired High elf she had been born as. And although she had to hide her face from her brutal looks she was still just as enchanting to be around and loved by all the people she met...

Sasha was given a letter from a small man one day and it read: Come back to Dragontail Mountains, the Clan would like you to work for them and want to know your feelings and intentions for the clan.

Signed, ........

The letter wasn't signed and that bothered Sasha. She then threw the letter down. She thought to herself that she didn't want to have anything to do with these vampires and wandered off. Then she felt this strong heaviness in her stomach and turned around and picked up the letter. She got on her horse then went off to the Dragontail Mountains. When she got there she was confronted by a vampire ancient and he told her she was needed for a quest. She agreed to the quest and went on her way.

The quest led her back to Summurset, in a town next to where she was born. Her orders were to kill a High Elf Priest. When she walked into the temple she started having doubts and asked herself what she was doing. Then.... like a spell lifted off of her she realized that what she was doing was wrong and that she was being manipulated by magic. She then turned around and decided to never go to Dragontail Mountains again. She knew if she ever did that she would not be able to fight off the magic power that the ancient vampire had on her.

On one of her long walks she came upon a tavern and walked in to rest her weary feet. She sat down on a stool. When the bartender asked what she needed, She said "Nothing, I just wish to rest my feet" The bartender smiled and told her that was fine. She turned in her stool and saw two people that she thought she recognized. She reached into her mind and realized that these two men were the same two men that were in the village when the badly wounded female elf was brought to her... So it wasn't a dream she though to herself... Curious she got up from her chair and walked to them.

She looked at them and offered her hand. "Greetings and Salivations" she said. I am Sasha... I do believe we have met. The two men nodded. One of them was a well respected member of the Eldarin Corin guild and he called himself Beren... and the other was a half Khajiit and half Dark Elf who called himself Myke... Sasha liked this place and decided to return again the next night..She then met other members of the Eldarin Corin. She was very much in awe at how these men and women cared for each other and how they treated each other with such respect.

Before Sasha knew it she found herself there almost every night. And one day eventually became a member of the Eldarin Corin ... and was very proud of that. She told one of the members of the guild that she was a vampire and didn't wish to be one anymore and he tried to cure her of this...The cure worked and everyone was happy that Sasha was finally not a vampire anymore...But a few days later while Sasha lie in her room in the EC Tavern she had the thirsting hunger again..She ignored it to being a side effect and went to sleep...

The next day when she went out to go visit the guild she felt very weak and fell to the ground...She pulled out her spell book and cast the spell heal and ran as fast as she could to the Guild. She then realized that the cure didn't work, that it only suppressed her vampirism for a few days. She told her worries to a friend and he told her that it was possible she had been a vampire so long and that the cure wouldn't work, It mostly only worked if you tried it immediately after you were inflicted with the disease..She left it at that and returned to her room and cried red tears of sorrow.

A few months later Sasha met LowRider and Luthien... Looking at Luthien in awe, She noticed that she was the woman that she had tried to heal in the Dragontail Mountains. A few days later LowRider became a member and then Luthien... Sasha was proud to be present at both of their initiations.

After she had done a lot of hard work for the guild, Sasha was made a member of the EC High Council. She was so happy she started to cry red tears. She quickly wiped the red tears for it was a reminder to her that she was still a vampire. No one noticed fortunately and she was glad for that. Sasha now can be found in the DaggerWeb Chat with all her EC guild friends.