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The first memories TallMan has of his childhood are that of living on the streets of Winterhold in the province of Skyrim. His parents he had never known. He did not know anything about his parents or why they orphaned him at such a young age. All he knew that he was a High Elf, and scum. That is what the people of Skyrim called him because he had to beg for food, clothes and money. This was at the age of seven.

 He then became very streetwise, and learned the art of thievery. Now it is well know that High Elves are strong with magic, but TallMan never knew that. Therefore he was never schooled in any magic, nor did he need it. He relied on his wit and charm to get him out of sticky situations.

 He learned his thievery skills from an old beggar named Gilish Dentyo. They became best friends. TallMan's first attempt a stealing anything was at the age of nine. He stole a piece of bread from a baker. He and Gilish shared it. It was his first taste at success, and it was not his last. For that day he felt like he was on top of the world, and he and Gilish had a little party, the best that two beggars could have, to celebrate his successful theft. Just when Gilish started to congratulate TallMan, guards ran down their alley and grabbed Gilish. TallMan yelled "What are you doing to my friend?" The guard responded "He thieved a piece of bread from a local baker," and they took him away.

 That night TallMan sobbed for hours. He was so sad. His best and only friend was gone from his life. He thought his life would end. For two weeks he grieved. Finally TallMan said to himself "I must go on," that was Gilish's favorite line, he used it all the time. So TallMan decided that he must use all the knowledge that he had received from Gilish, on the skills of great thief, to make a living. He became very successful.

 At the age of sixteen, he was already smuggling outlawed cursed weaponry into Daggerfall. He had run into the guards many times, but being a master of disguise and having super wits, he outsmarted the guards every time.

 Over time he learned many skills. Such as the ability to hide, blend into a crowd, change his accent, and from his travels all over the empire he learned quite a few languages.

 By the age of twenty he was very well known in the underworld, as one of the best smugglers in the empire. One day as TallMan was in the forest an arrow flew by his ear, and stuck to a tree. It read:



We have heard about your work. We are

very interested in your work. We require

your services. We will send a contact to

you at midnight tonight in this very spot.

Please remember no one says no to us.

The Brotherhood of Thieves


What choice did he have? So he waited, and at midnight under the same tree were he received the letter a man in a dark cloak approached him and said "Greetings TallMan. We need you to do a small favor for us." TallMan then said "What's in it for me?" The cloaked man replied "You get to keep your life." TallMan gave him a long look, and then said "You got yourself a deal."

 They then went into the details of the plan. TallMan knew this would be the hardest smuggling job he had ever had. His job was to enter the Imperial Palace in the Imperial City, capital of the empire, and get into the dungeon and smuggle out the prisoners that the Brotherhood wished. It was a long list, but TallMan knew he could do it. Or die trying.

 TallMan then spent the day figuring out how he could pull this off. He spent a few days observing the Imperial City and Palace. He noticed that every day a wine cart would go to the palace and drop off a shipment. So he planed to hijack the wine cart, take it into the palace and replace the wine with prisoners and return outside the city. It was much easier said then done.

 It was the day he was going to carry out his plan. He easily hijacked the cart. He knocked out the driver and tied him to a tree in the forest. He then made his way into the Imperial City.

 The guards did not question that he was the daily wine carter. So TallMan easily made his way into the city. The palace gates were not as easy to get into, but with his streetwise skills he easily talked his way past the guards. He then proceeded to the rear of the palace.

 Near the very back of the palace he saw a stone that looked a bit out of place. So he pushed on it, and a secret door and it led into the dungeon. He saw only one guard in the dungeon hallway and he was passed out from drinking a special blend of dwarvish wine. Who can blame him. Well TallMan easily took the keys from him and found all the cell's of the prisoners he needed to rescue. There were ten in all. TallMan then led them outside.

 Now in the light he looked at one man in particular. The man looked oddly familiar. So TallMan talked to him for a minute, until about ten guards spotted them. Do not ask me how they got out of that jam but they did.

 Well TallMan headed out of the palace with his barrels full of prisoners. He got through the palace gates with no trouble, but heading toward the city gates he knew there would be trouble.

 A guard discovered that ten prisoners had gone missing, they were the ten best thieves in all the empire. He related the news to the town gate keeper to check all carts leaving the city.

 TallMan hoped to get though the gates without being stopped but he was. The guard said "Stop in the name of the Emperor." TallMan then said in a old sickly accent "I am just the transporter of Dwarvish wine, I have done nothing wrong." The guard then told him of the missing prisoners. "So you see why we have to do this" the guard said, as he thrust his sword into one of the ten barrels. All that came out was Dwarvish wine. TallMan then said, in that old sickly accent "Why did you do that to my fine wine?" "We are sorry" said the guard "You may continue on your journey." TallMan then picked up the speed of his horses and rode off very fast into the woods. For he knew that the guards would be out in full force very soon.

 Back in the city ten guards on horses came flying through the streets heading strait for the gates yelling "Open the gate in the name of the Emperor! The thieves were on that wine cart!" So the guard opened that gate and let the ten horse riding guards through.

 TallMan heard the sounds of the horses coming. He tried to pick up speed but it was no use. He kept looking over his shoulder to see how much the guards were gaining on him. They were now right on top of him and forced him to stop.

 TallMan got down off the cart and the guards got off their horses. They were in fact not guards at all but the ten prisoners disguised as guards. TallMan then went up to the one that looked so familiar and hugged him. It was Gilish his best friend. They talked for hours. Then Gilish told TallMan "I am sorry my friend but I must go my people need me." "Your people?" asked TallMan. "Yes" said Gilish "My people, The Brotherhood of Thieves. I am their leader." This shocked TallMan. After long goodbyes Gilish was out of TallMan's life again.

 The days past and TallMan kept up the smuggling. He slowly started to think about life. Is this all there is in life? He wondered.

 One day TallMan was walking through one of the empires many forests and he came across a tavern. So he stepped inside. People were chatting. It was a very nice place. So he struck up a conversation with a few people. He met two people that interested him. Their names were Baylee and Iceman. They belonged to a guild named the Crimson Blades.

 Later in the evening TallMan met a man by the name of Lord Reuther. They quickly became best friends. They would talk for hours on end, about everything and nothing all at the same time.

 After a few weeks in the tavern TallMan realized that a guild could be his answer to getting away form the smuggler's life. So he and Lord Reuther joined the Crimson Blades.

 TallMan rose in rank to the position of Gallant. There was a war going on at the time between the Crimson Blades and this other guild with the name War Angels. Also there was an internal war going on in the Crimson Blades. It was about this man they called Skyhopper. A few of the Crimson Blades made him out to be this horrible man. TallMan fell for this propaganda.

 During this time TallMan met many friends. One of his best was named Nefer. They hit it off right away. They both had many of the same like and dislikes. She was a great friend. TallMan still wanted to know more about this Skyhopper character. He did not know much about Skyhopper or what was going on with him, only what the Crimson Blades would tell him. So he decide to use his skills that he had learned from all those years of smuggling.

 He disguised himself and did some research into the Skyhopper affair. He soon discovered that Skyhopper was a gentlemen and a scholar. He had his own guild by now, The Phoenix Dawn. TallMan then decided he like the look, setup, and feel of the Phoenix Dawn much more than the Crimson Blades. He spoke with his friend, 1st Officer to Skyhopper, Kittara and she was offering him a position of Bosun. He accepted.

 So TallMan left the Crimson Blades for the Phoenix Dawn. Many of his Crimson Blade friends were upset, but his mind was made up. So he left the rank of Gallant at the Crimson Blades for the rank of Bosun at the Phoenix Dawn.

 TallMan was one of the best crewmen the Phoenix Dawn had, and before long he was promoted to 2nd Officer of the Phoenix Dawn.

 The Phoenix had many sailing adventures, which TallMan was a part of. His wit and skills saved them on more than one occasion. He loved every minute on the Phoenix Dawn.

 One day while chatting in the tavern, which he grew to love, in walked Admiral Skyhopper, and TallMan was given his own ship, named the Privateer's Folly, in the new fleet called the, Privateer's Guild. He was now a Captain. He never thought he would be come a Captain of a ship when he was a beggar as a child, but now it had happened.

 Now TallMan set out on his own sea adventures with his crew. They had many adventures. TallMan's wit and thievery skills helped on their adventures several times.

 When TallMan returned with his crew from their latest adventure on evening they discovered war had broken out at the tavern again. The War Angels were behind it again. On one occasion TallMan had to save one of his good friends from them. Her name was White Vixen. She was the daughter of Luthien. TallMan's own guild was fighting with the War Angels even though her ordered them to stop. Again TallMan was questioning if this was the right guild for him.

 One day while on a mission to find an artifact, TallMan came across a guild hall. He stopped inside and looked around it was called the Eldarin Corin or Elven Circle. He once again met Beren. They got to talking he liked Beren and the guild. They were a peaceful guild. At that moment TallMan realized this is what he had been searching for. A peaceful place with his own kind, the elves

 All his life TallMan had it hard. When he finally was accepted into the Eldarin Corin it was the greatest day of his life. He knew that he finally achieved success. No he was not going to leave the Privateer's Folly. He would continue to be the captain, but now with the Eldarin Corin he had that same feeling of success he had felt on that day at the age of nine when he stole a piece of bread.