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The "#Eldar" chatroom is mIRC based. You can use the HTML version of the room through your web browser, but it will probably be unstable. Instead, I suggest that you connect to it using mIRC. The instructions below will show you how to do this. If you want to connect to the HTML version anyway, click HERE .

Instructions for mIRC version:

If you do not already have the mIRC chat engine, go HERE to download it and follow the instructions there to set it up.

To set up the server that the #Eldar room uses, you need the "mIRC setup" box (hit the 3rd icon, it looks like a file). It should say "IRC servers". Hit the "add" button. Fill in: Description = Chatsystems ... IRC server = ... Port = 6667 ... Then hit the "add" button, and you should be back on the "mIRC setup" box. Hit the "OK" button. (First fill in the bottom four windows there if you haven't already).

To connect to the chatroom, go to the "mIRC setup" box, hit the pull-down arrow in the first window and scroll down to the "chatsystems" server pick it and then hit "Connect to IRC server" button. The "Channel" folder will pop up when you connect. Type #Eldar in the top window, hit the "Add" button, highlight #Eldar, and hit the "Join" button.