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Eldarin Axan

The Elven Code



1. The one rule that all members of the Eldarin Corin must swear to abide by is the ELDARIN AXAN, and that is to avoid verbal fights in the chatroom and other venues if at all possible. Flaming will not be tolerated. If someone in the chatroom is trying to cause trouble, the proper course of action is to ignore them. The Elven Way is to remain calm and sensible at all times. Elves are known for their Wisdom and Honesty. Elves do not resort to personal insults. You should always treat your fellow guild members with respect. Continually violating the Eldarin Axan is grounds for dismissal from the guild. All members of the ECM and it's game divisions must abide by the Eldarin Axan.

2. Roleplaying Elven: The Eldarin Corin is an Elven guild and we roleplay Elves. We encourage our members to Roleplay as an Elf in online games. However, all races are welcome in the Eldarin Corin. We also encourage our members to have an Elven nickname, and to give some thought into "fleshing out" their roleplaying character's persona.

3. The various Game divisions of the EC may have rules that are specific to that game and division. None of the rules that are specific to a particular division apply to members of the Eldarin Corin Minyar.


The GOAL of the Eldarin Corin is "The Advancement of Elven Roleplaying".

The Eldarin Corin is a peaceful guild, and we are friends to all.

All members of the Eldarin Corin are treated as equals. The Eldarin Corin has no ranks.

The Eldarin Corin is a guild consisting of players of The PC games Daggerfall and Ultima Online. We will also be active in future online RPGs. The ECM (Eldarin Corin Minyar) is the "parent" guild of the gaming divisions, and is concerned with all online RPGs as well as Elven Lore. The various gaming divisions of the Eldarin Corin are concerned only with that particular game. You may choose to be a member of the ECM and not any of the game divisions; You may choose to be a member of a game division and not the ECM; Or you may be a member of the ECM and also the game divisions. They all have separate membership and rosters.

Time of Meetings: The ECM meetings are Mondays at 8:30 PM Eastern time at #Eldar. Our meetings are open to all who wish to attend. The Eldarin Corin have no secrets.

During Meetings: Everyone is encouraged to voice his opinion. You do not need to be called upon in order to speak. However, it is critical to the progress of the meeting that everyone remain on the subject at hand! Everyone present should speak up if the matter at hand concerns him. The minutes of the most recent meeting can be found HERE .

Meeting Specifics:
[1.] Meeting issues will be done in a specific order. FIRST the leader of each game division will give his report. SECOND items on the agenda will be discussed. THIRD members will be titled and new members initiated. FOURTH everyone present will be given a chance to bring up issues for discussion.
[2.] Everyone try to stay on the subject at hand... and wait your turn to bring up a new issue.
[3.] If you know you will have something to bring up at the meeting, Email me about it before-hand so it can be added to the agenda.
[4.] If you know you will have something lengthy to say at the meeting, type it out before-hand so you can "copy-and-paste" it to the screen. This will save a lot of time.
[5.] If you want to say something to just one person and not the whole guild, please use ICQ!
[6.] Issues that are specific to the game divisions (tactics, etc.) will not be discussed at the ECM meeting. Instead, there will be separate division meetings (time and place decided by the division leader).
[7.] If you are having problems with the #Eldar chat room booting you, not scrolling, or not refreshing... then I suggest you connect to it through mIRC. (The server is , the port is 6667 , the room name is #Eldar).

The High Council: At this point in time Beren makes all decisions concerning the ECM, and there is no longer a High Council. Be assured that Beren will listen to everyone's opinion and make his decisions for the good of the guild. The division leaders make all decisions concerning the various game divisions.

Titles: New members must show an interest in the guild before they are granted a title. Each week, there will be a discussion on each new member in which one of three things can happen: [A] He will be allowed to choose a title for himself, [B] He will remain untitled for another week, and be brought up again the next week, or [C] His membership in the EC will be canceled.

Uniforms: The wearing of the EC uniform is strictly optional, however, we do like to have a visible presence in the various chat rooms, so the wearing of your uniform is encouraged. (The "uniform" consists of the letters "EC" and your title before your name.)

Joining the Eldarin Corin:

Anyone wishing to join the Eldarin Corin Minyar will be welcomed into our Elven community. Admittance is automatic. The only conditions being that you [1.] Swear to uphold the Eldarin Axan. [2.] Make yourself available to be initiated into the guild. [3.] Read the EC homepage thoroughly and be clear that we are an Elven guild, and roleplay Elves. If you wish to join, send Email to and be sure to include your chatroom nick (so we can recognize you) and a little about yourself. Or attend one of our official gatherings.

To join one of the Eldarin Corin's game divisions, you must contact the division leader.

We encourage anyone wishing to join the Eldarin Corin to look at the other Daggerfall guilds also, so that they are sure that the Eldarin Corin is really the guild they want to join, and should look at the multi-guild page at: We also encourage you to come to the chatroom and get to know us before joining :-)

There is no rule that prohibits you from joining another guild, in addition to the Eldarin Corin, as long as it does not cause a conflict with the Eldarin Axan.