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"The Elven Circle"                         

Eldarin Corin
The Story...

Long ago, before the first era of Tamriel, The Vanyar (High Elves) made a great journey from Aman, the undying land of the Valar (the Elven Gods), across the great sea to Tamriel. The Valar constructed many Holy and Powerful Weapons (Valaturi) to help the Vanyar tame the wilderness of Tamriel. Before long the Vanyar had destroyed the Dragons of Sumurset Isle using the power of the Valar's weapons, and had established their realm. The Nandor (Wood Elves) and the Avari (Dark Elves), who were already living in Tamriel, began to covet the Valaturi. Realizing that whoever held the weapons of the Valar would hold the power to rule all of Tamriel, The Nandor and Avari attacked the Vanyar without warning, and seized many of the Holy Weapons. The great Ainakot, or holy war, raged on for many years, with great loss of life.

The king of the Vanyar, Lord Aldaron, decided to call a council of all the Elven factions. The Elves in their wisdom agreed that the Holy Valaturi were too powerful to be held by the Elven Royal families, since their vast power would always instill an uncontrollable desire to wield the Holy Weapons in the quest for greater kingdoms. Thus, the Eldarin Corin, or Elven Circle, was formed. Each of the three Elven kingdoms chose their most Noble and tempered warriors to join the Eldarin Corin. Each was entrusted with one of the Holy Relics of the Valar, To hold and keep it's power from being used for destruction, save against the foul beasts of Tamriel. Each member of the Eldarin Corin swore an oath to uphold the Eldarin Axan, or Elven Code of Honor, Which says that no member of the Circle may ever raise his weapon against any inhabitant of Tamriel. Once wielded in anger, the Valaturi would consume the holder with the insatiable lust for power, and lead to his own destruction.


Many ages later, the Eldarin Corin still holds the Valaturi safe from misuse. The Circle only accepts the most noble of Elves to be it's members. The only rule is that they swear allegiance to the Eldarin Axan.

A Breif History of the Eldarin Corin

The Eldarin Corin was originally composed of players of the game Daggerfall. We are more than just a guild, we are also a group of close friends. Our goal is the advancement of Elven roleplaying. The Eldarin Corin will be active in all Computer Role-Playing games, especially online games.

Spring, 1997: At a chatroom called "Daggerweb", where players of Daggerfall gathered to discuss the game and other topics, The first Daggerfall guild, the Crimson Blades (CB) was formed by a visionary named Skyhopper.

Summer 1997: Born from dissent within the CB, numerous guilds seemed to spring up overnight. Imrik and Eltherion founded the Elven Circle (Not until later was it called by it's Elven name, the Eldarin Corin). the EC grew slowly but stedily. These were the days of the "recruitment wars".

Autumn 1997: Most of the new guilds had disbanded. With Imrik and Eltherion away on vacation, Beren decided to usurp the leadership of the EC, fearing that the lack of leadership would be the ruin of the guild.

Winter 1997-98: The leadership of the EC passed to an elected High Council. The EC started to become active in Ultima Online.

Spring 1998: The EC aligned itself with the Ultima guild, Elves of Spiritwood.

Summer 1998: The Elves of Spiritwood disbanded. The EC became an official UO guild and began recruiting in the world of Ultima. The EC joined forces with another UO guild, the Tel' Quessir.


The Names of the Different Elven Races