Everquest is here! Sorry I have not updated this page for a long time because... well... I have playing Everquest! The game is so addicting that I can't seem to put it down. As far as the EC being an "official" EQ guild, it looks doubtful at the present time. There is a possibility that we may become aligned with an existing EQ Elven guild, if one appears. All of the Former EC Ultima players seem to playing on either the Solusek Ro (where I am) or the Fennin Ro server. There is also a possibility that Elric may form a guild on Fennin. You should check the EC message board for updates and developments.

The Eldarin Corin is an Elven guild, but because of EQ's Race-Class restrictions, all the other races are welcome in the guild. (Especially Dwarves and Gnomes, since they "live" on the same continent as the High Elves and Wood Elves.) The ECEQ will not have a lot of rules or ceremonies, but instead will be a pool of like-minded players that will make it easier to form a viable party for adventuring. If you wish to have helpful and considerate players to adventure with, then consider the Eldarin Corin.

You will need at least a P166 and you MUST have a 3D card. If you don't have a 3D card yet, definitely buy one based on the VooDoo2 chipset. The 3D dedicated boards are faster but require a separate 2D board. The combo 3D/2D boards are good and reasonably priced. BE SURE that the board you buy in supported by Everquest!

UO has one race and no real classes. EQ has 12 races and 14 classes. Not all classes are available to all races. There will be no battle-mages, meaning that mages will have limited fighting skill and warriors will have no mage skills. There are however a few "mixed" classes such as the Ranger that have some of both magery and fighting skills. There are actually five different classes of mage (Sorcerer, Enchanter, Druid, Shaman, and Necromancer) and a wide variety of spells. Each class has it's strengths and weaknesses and skill caps, so you must choose your class wisely.

Each character will have a unique name, and the name you choose must be consistent with the RPG world. That means that there will not be 20 "Xenas" and you won't see anyone named "Butt-Head". You might want to start now inventing some Elven names to be used (check the Elven dictionary).

The overhead view of UO has been described as "like playing with Barbie dolls". EQ has a first-person view ("In the head" view). You can also switch to "over the shoulder" view or an overhead view. If you have seen the screenshots then you know that the graphics put UO to shame. All of you dedicated Elves will be happy to know that the Wood-Elven capital city of Kelethin is a TREETOP city, and I can vouch that it is truly beautiful to look at. (Just don't look too closely or you will absentmindedly step off the branch you are walking on, haha.) There is also a High Elf and Dark Elf city. Finally here is an online game that will immerse you in your character.

UO players know about the PK problem there. EQ has a PK "switch". You can decide to be a PK at any time, but there is no going back once once you do. Assuming you have the PK switch off, you cannot be attacked by other players. If a monster kills you, you are resurrected in your starting city, and all your possessions remain on your body, but, your body cannot be looted (without your permission). You must know where you are at all times so you can return to your body and reclaim your stuff. Or, if you are in a party, a designated player can pick up your stuff for you.

There are "trades" in EQ. You can make your own armor and weapons. Gaining levels will also be quite slow, more so than even UO is. (You cannot "macro" to get your skills up.)

You can play EQ alone, but the game encourages interaction with other players with the "party" system. Up to six players can form a party for adventuring. Due to the class restrictions, a well balanced party is essential for the more dangerous areas. Since the experience points of the kills are equally shared by all party members, it won't matter who actually "gets the kill". The dedicated healer in the party can sit back and heal the others and still gain experience.

Everquest has many RPG-style "quests" to keep you occupied. Some of the quests will not be just a "Go find this item and bring it back" type of thing, but will involve an actual story line and multiple NPCs ! Some quests may take a couple hours to complete while the more involved ones may take weeks. Unlike UO where there is really nothing to do but kill the same monsters over and over, EQ will keep you interested.

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