The Eldarin Corin
in Ultima Online

The Eldarin Corin Ultima Online guild has been dissolved. I will re-activate the old guildstone in Britain if anyone shows an interest in this.

Eldarin Corin, Ultima Online Roster


Of course, the EC like to roleplay Elves, Some Elven words that you may wish to use are: Aiya = Hail ... Mara Mesta = Goodbye ... Hanta = Thanks ... Keh? = What? ... Elen = Elf, and friend ... Eldar = Elves ... Lau = No.

I have also translated the "words of power" into Elven, if you wish to have your spell macros in the Elven language. Email Beren for the details.

The EC do not roleplay evil characters. Any evil characters that you may have cannot use the EC name. The Eldarin Axan applies in UO as well, in that you should not attack blue or gray PC's. Red PC's can be attacked if warranted. Murderers should be attacked on sight, if possible. If you or a fellow Elf is attacked, you may do anything required for you and your party's defense. You may attack theives. As an Elf, you are encouraged to be courteous and helpful to all other (blue) PC's. If you are *accidentally* attacked by a blue PC's Field spell, Blade Spirit, or Energy Vortex, it is *usually* proper not to retaliate. If you are *accidentally* killed by a blue PC's Field, BS, or EV, it is *usually* proper to not report him, unless he is unremorseful. Killing animals for sport is not the Elven way... If you kill an animal, be sure to make use of the meat, hides, and feathers. We encourage you to "stay in character" as much as possible.

If you are new to the game of UO, be sure to read:
UO for Newbies by Beren Adchamion

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