What's New on the EC page:

Wow it's been a long time! I have been busy with other things. Mostly Everquest. The ECEQ page has a slight update and you should check the message board .

There is some new stuff on the EC Everquest page. Killer game!

Eowyn has dissolved the Ultima Online chapter. Efforts will be redirected toward preparing for Everquest.
There is a New Elven Dictionary page. You can now translate from Elven to English as well as from English to Elven.

Gore has resigned the leadership of the ECUO to Eowyn. For all UO matters, ICQ Eowyn at: 12553715.
Beren's computer was down for a while (hopefully fixed now), thus the lack of updates and newsletters.
Look on the roster for more of
"Beren's Story", and check Threaton's stories from the new world of UO2 beta!

The EC has gone through a reorganization, and most of the webpage is undergoing revisions.
1. There is now an "Eldarin Corin Minyar" (ECM) which is the main "parent" guild... an Ultima Online Division (ECUO)... and future online game divisions (ECEQ, ECAC, ECME). The term "EC" will refer to the guild as a whole. You can be a member of the ECM, or the ECUO, or both. (There will be two separate rosters.)
2. The High Council has been dissolved. Beren is the leader of the "EC" and the "ECM". General rule #2 (all members must roleplay as an Elf) has been thrown out.
3. Gore is the leader of the "ECUO". All matters concerning issues internal to the game will be handled by him. The ECUO webpage will be maintained at Beren's site. The old guildstone has been wiped, so everyone that wishes to be in the ECUO must be put on the new stone. You can E-mail Gore at:  notsew7@home.com

A new section on "Everquest" is up.